[Feature Request] Preload next page

Costas Korai 5 years ago updated by Barrett Roberts 2 years ago 10
I wanted to suggest a setting that enables next page preloading in the background, to possibly improve reading by lowering load time.
I'm sure you'll get basically this answer from Tom... but it does preload the next page. That said, depending on how quickly you read the page, you may be requesting the next page before the preload is complete... IMO, the preloading seems slow, I believe it's doing more than just downloading the image file.

I personally would like the option to preload a configurable amount. Say, cache server side 5 pages around the current page (both previous and next pages) and then have javascript preload the next page or 2 into the client side.
Under review

There is already page preloading, but it's not working in all situations and deserves improvement.
It's planned as part of the enhanced online comic reader.
Tom, if you work on externalizing the JavaScript so that skinners can add custom client side actions in the future I will rewrite the default scripts to see if I can get better performance across all browsers. What do you think?
It's already planned. :)
The new script is out (Ubooquity 1.8.0).
It preloads 2 pages ahead of the one you're reading.

Let me know if it works better than before.
I updated to the new version yesterday and have been trying it out, it is definitely better than before. On most comics I can read an issue with only the initial load time.

Thank you for adding this.
Thanks for your feedback !

How hard would it be to add the option to preload more pages than just 2 as you say it does? (My reader rarely seems to preload, so I almost always have to load the new page, but that's a different problem) Since I only share this with 3 people I'm not really worried about overloading, so having it preload the previous and following 5 pages would really only have benefits for the user