HTML read from theme, similar to folder-info files

Scott (ScooterPSU) 8 years ago updated 7 years ago 9

Would it be possible to implement html additions to the theme folder?

What I'm imagining is a books.html/comics.html/homepage.html/webadmin.html that function similarly to folder-info.html's in folders, but pull for those pages.

Under review

If I improve and extend customization possibilities someday (not at the top of the list yet), I'll probably use HTML templating for all pages (using something like mustache).

This would allow total control over all pages type.

Oh nice, mustache is great for that sort of thing.

While I get that this isn't a priority, I've been hitting these limitations pretty hard over the last couple weeks.

I've even gone as far as try every potential vector of xss to try to inject javascript anywhere. Good news, the server is very secure.

Allowing a js file of a specific filename to be loaded from an external tools folder would be nice (ie. tools next to the skins folder). This way the user would have to set it up themselves, so skins couldn't be malicious on their own. Just a thought. :)


Thanks for the free security audit. ;)

In fact I did implement script overloading, but then I removed it thinking nobody would use it.

Guess I was wrong, I'll try to put it in again for the next version.

Complete HTML skinning is still far away though.

Did this make the cut? (the script overloading, not HTML skinning).

Bad news: version 2.0.0 does not include this feature.
(I forced myself to release as soon as the bookmark sync was done, for fear of starting another months-long development phase)

Good news: this special build does. :)

Add a file named themeScript.js at the root of your theme, it will be loaded by all Ubooquity pages (excepts the online readers and the admin page).
I started by adding a new "script" directory alongside the "theme" one, so that users could add it there. But I found it unnecessarily complicated when it could just be part of the theme.
As for security, I don't think people are going to read a script, even if you ask them explicitely to put it inside a specific directory. So it might as well be part of the theme.

Since the version is still beta, changes can still be made. Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks so much! I'll give this build a test and let you know any issues I encounter.