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[Admin note: latest download link is at the end of the topic]

Hi everyone i'm working on a new theme, just to show you some work in progress !

Image 11
Under review
Beautiful ! 
Hi everybody ! I've created a new theme entitled Dark Theme, here are some screenshots :

The theme can be donwloaded here http://bit.ly/1FvhCZZ

Feel free to comment if you are facing issues with the theme.

Big thanks to Tom for his work on Ubooquity and to Roflcop for his work on the Material theme !




Hey I know this thread is kind of old but I just downloaded Ubooquity and this theme looks really great!

The download links are broken though, inlcuding all the links in the comments.

Could you please reupload the file if possible?

Hello, thanks

please find the link to the github page here


i did not update the theme for a very long time as i implemented another tool on my nas

which tool? :)

I’m getting bored with Ubooquity…

now i use a lazylibrarian + calibre db in a docker container and added calibreweb on top, works fine for books & magazines, some limitations with lazylibrarian regarding comics though, i am considering moving to readarr or mylar for that part

I've updated the theme to add some animations, the link remains the same  http://bit.ly/1FvhCZZ
Thanks a lot, I love it!
Hi everybody, a new version of the Dark Theme is available for download http://bit.ly/1FvhCZZ :
- new font used, Open Sans, stored locally, the Open Sans from Google is not working properly
- In Books page, addition of an ellipsis for the author name and the genre in case it is too long
- Update of the blank cover image

Tom do you think it is possible to be featured on the theme page of your site ?
Sure !
This theme has become my main one, love it.
Hidea, the "font" directory in your archive is empty. Is it intentional ?
indeed, the zip file is fixed now, thanks ! http://bit.ly/1FvhCZZ
It works much better. :)
I have a small problem with comics having long metadata though:

The default theme just hides overflowing text:

And an idea: since this thread is the place people will come to download your theme, perhaps you could edit the first post (and change its title with the name of the theme) and put the latest download link at the top of the thread.
The theme has been updated, it includes the ellipsis in the author's name now, Thanks for your feedback. The link is still the same http://bit.ly/1FvhCZZ

I can't change the name of the post :( i guess it is restricted because of my user rights ? Cand you edit it please, otherwise i will create a new post

As a precision, the ellipsis is displayed if there is more than two lines of text now :
Yes, I don't have the problem anymore.
(title edited, by the way)
I have customized this theme to give it a more flat and simplified look. If anyone would like to try it out, it can be downloaded from my Google Drive. A big thanks to Hidea for providing a wonderful base to Improve upon.

First of all, your theme is wonderful Hidea, thank you for sharing it! I modified some parts of Dark to better suit me, here are a couple of screenshots. If there's anyone who wants the modified files just say so and I'll upload them. I only changed the elements that you see in this screenshot. Overall just swapped to a red theme. Thanks again, Hidea.

Please do share Kimbo, it looks awesome!
Alright! I'll make a Ubooquity header when I come home from work and upload it.
Okay, I've not modified 100 % of the theme, only the comics part. I added the PSDs if you want to criticize my "work" or complete the theme for yourself.

You can download the .zipped theme and PSDs in my Google Drive:

These are the fonts I've used:
Badaboom: http://www.dafont.com/badaboom-bb.font
Le silence des cafards: http://www.dafont.com/le-silence-des-cafards.font
Back Issues: http://www.1001freefonts.com/back_issues.font

Hope you like it.
Doc updated

Thanks for having shared.

Hey Tom,

If you want, you can add the theme I modified to the themes page. I posted it a few months ago in this thread. It can be downloaded from my google drive. It's a Flat Variant. All of my users say they prefer it over the others that I have used so now it's my default. :)

Sure !


Hello, all. Just wondering if this difference in fonts between the main and secondary pages are by design or just something that I am experiencing.

Note the fonts on the first (main) page:

Don't match the ones on the secondary page:



is because the main page is actually a static image file and the Library is rendered text that can be customized.

Ah, that makes sense. Assuming I can change those fonts/sizes in the CSS files?


If you have activated ssl access (https) you should just update the css books.css and comics.css so that the font url is also based on https :

@import url(https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Oswald:400,700,300);

If you make it:

@import url(//fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Oswald:400,700,300);

Then it won't matter if you are HTTPS or not.

Hi everyone, first of all compliments for the beautiful theme! I have a question though...

I cannot get the metadata to show (and I have metadata) see exemple:

is it only me, or is the theme which does not support showing the metadata at all?

Hi, Pavipollo.
I modified the theme you're currently using but as far as I know I didn't remove anything related to metadata. Here's a screencap:

Have you tried applying another theme?

Hi Kimbo, thanks for the quick answer. With the default theme I get the metadata... I'll make some tests and come back to share the results...

I might have botched metadata for all I know, I honestly know extremely little about coding in any language, I just made some new pictures and changed some colors, but I'll try and look into it this weekend.

Wait! Probably (I'd say most likely) it's me who blotched something. I returned to the default and now I do not get the metadata there either... I'll have to go deeper.

I love the Dark Theme by Hidea, but I have one small issue:

In the Comics section the number of items is indicated near the top of the cover (which I like):

However in the Books section the number is positioned lower, more towards the middle:

I tried playing around with the css file for the Books section, but I can't seem to get the same result as with the Comics section (using exactly the same css for both Comics and Books seems to mess up the lay-out of the Books section)

Anyone have the same issue or knows what I should change in the css to fix this?

(By the way: I get the same result in both Google Chrome and Firefox)

Hi, I made a theme named Dusk : Download Here.

It's based on "The Gray" by Justin Brown. Thank you for your work.

Reminder: Once the new theme is selected, flush the cache of your browser and reload the page to fully enjoy the new experience.

There seems to be an issue with Hidea's theme, could anyone who knows what they're doing fix it for me please? See the picture below.

Based on my quick observation, the 'Download' and 'Read Now' buttons are overlayed on the text only when the comic is a landscape style comic, there is no issue with portrait styled comic book.

Might be an easy fix, would probably need to tweak the .css file of the theme.

EDIT: I've fixed this myself, it was much easier than I thought. If anyone is interested here is the fix: Dark theme folder > Comic.css (edit this file, take a backup just in case)

Manually set the cover height to 264px in the #details_cover section:

#details_cover {

float: left;

width: 160px;

/* height: 264px; */
height: 264px;

margin: 5px 20px 5px 5px;


I hate to bump an old thread, but I think all the links to Hidea's theme have gone dead. Does anyone still have a link to this theme?

Can't say for sure, but my variant of his dark theme is still live. You can grab it from my google drive here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2UyNSVyI_nRbzNZak9pUFZQQ2M/view It's also listed on the themes page for download as well.


Thanks @Justin Brown, for keeping your theme active and up to date with the new release.

Does anyone have a mirror or backup of this theme? (Or still in use)

I would very much like to have this theme, it's simply the best. (The images and plex logo are crazy)


You have been spamming your theme by a significant amount throughout this topic, I have seen it, but thanks for your reply. (It's not really anything like it imo)

Maybe there should be a new thread created for this theme, or a admin could remove a couple of posts here...

I have rebuild (and improved) this theme, shouts out to Kimbo Price for what is practically a partial backup, and the original screenshots from Hidea (from which I extracted the Plex-ish logo) and Andreas for kick starting the minimalistic Raw Files page section.

Download here (I dubbed it Plex Theme)

(I know there are some .bak files and unnecessary lines of css, feel free to clean it up yourself for now)


Screenshot album of made changes:



Your tone leaves something to be desired. 


Hi ! I have seen the latest posts regarding the original files of the Dark Theme

I have uploaded everything on github 


sorry about the lack of support

I hope that the github platform will facilitate the creation of forks and evolution of the theme

Thanks and have great holidays !


Do you have the original banner as well? (The Plex one)

i have uploaded the banner-plex.png file in github, if you want to usee it you should rename banner.png


I don't follow theme forum threads too closely (too many messages, not enough time, and you all know that Ubooquity development is already too slow as it is), so I'm not able to keep track of theme links validity, theme variations, etc.

So I moved the list of user created themes to the Ubooquity documentation on Github so that theme creators can easily submit modifications (if you are not comfortable with Github, sending me a message will do too).

If you edit the theme list page, don't hesitate to include a description and (small) screenshots, it'll help visitors to choose more easily.

Thank you guys for your contributions, and a happy new year to everyone !