Comic tagger breaks certain files?

yyrgx 5 years ago updated by T0mservo 5 years ago 8
I just discovered comic tagger and downloaded it. went thru a few files got the metadata for them and when i open ubooquity i can see the name of the file but i only see a tiny little square instead of the cover of the actual book, before using comic tagger to gather the metadata the comics were viewable inside of ubooquity.. any help is appreciated.
One I noted this occurs with is slashes in the comic title

In the admin section, try pulling the error log. You might have an error similar to the one I saw, that should help Tom narrow down what the issue is.
Comic Tagger is good, but if I remember correctly, doesn't let you preview the cover before deciding on the volume. I suggest you install ComicRack with the ComicVine scraper plugin. The options in ComicRack are really good. You can even set character replacement for illegal characters when the program exports or renames your comics.

I've managed to install ComicVine scraper plugin for ComicRack and cannot figure out how to "imprint" that found metadata to my files so that they show up in Ubooquity. Info on this subject is pretty sparse so any help would be appreciated.


Hi Tomservo! I'm on my phone while my girlfriend drives so I'm sorry for no screenshots. Comicrack defaults to saving the metadata from Comicvine to its local database instead of the comic file. To change this default open the Comicrack options. Find the option for "save metadata to the comic file" and enable it then enable the directly following option titled "automatically write metadata." Now Comicrack will automatically write metadata to the comic after you scrape it, but there are a few caveats: 1) the RAR compression algorithm is copyrighted so comicrack has trouble saving the metadata to CBR files. Fix this by right-clicking a selection of comics and choosing to export the files to CBZ. Wait for the conversion to finish and you will have shiny new open source zip compressed comics! 2) Comicrack sometimes skips automatically updating files. About 10% of the files you scrape will not have their new metadata saved automatically. Solve this by using a smart list that shows only the files that are waiting to be updated. If you can't find the filter when creating your smart list I will attach a screenshot later. Open this smart list to view the files with new metadata that is waiting to be saved to the file. Right-click those books and choose the "update" option with the yellow spiky icon. Your files will be updated! 3) Make sure you are using the most recent version of the scraper plugin from its github page. Comicvine just changed its API access rules and you may get banned if you are using a previous version. 4) Finally, check if the comicinfo.XML file in one of your books was correctly saved by opening the file in 7zip. If you do not see the XML file then Comicrack does not have write permission for your comics directory. I hope this was not too confusing. I might write a quick tutorial on this subject for Ubooquity users since most of us use comicrack and Ubooquity is so much better with scraped comic files. Back to chatting with my passenger ;)

Wow, thanks for the detailed response. I believe I now have everything working. I'm sure this will help others out in the future as well. Cheers

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If the problem came from pointed out by Darknessgp, it has been fixed in version 1.7.5.
Let me now if it still happens nevertheless.
K, everything's fine now removed the / from titles..sorry for the late response been traveling a lot.