synology connection loss

Stephen Fazio 5 years ago updated by Michael 5 years ago 3
as per Matthew's great tutorial I installed ubooquity on a Synology DS415Play. However, I have encountered two issues:
1. When I restart the NAS, ubooquity does not load automatically.
2. My synology loses connectivity and I need to restart. The problem is not apparent as it seems to be working, but when you go to network status it says connection lost and all apps using the network stop functioning.
Has anyone else encountered this? The product looks great and I would really like to use it!
Hello Stephen,
to your issues:

1.: Have you followed the steps of the Tutorial from http://vaemendis.net/ubooquity/misc/synology-tutorial/? Especially "Connect with SSH" or "Troubleshooting"
2. Your NAS looses connection to your network (or just the internet) or "only" your apps (check the port forwarding on your router)? Is it connected via DHCP or a fixed IP. If DHCP, change it to a fixed one.
Hi Michael,
many thanks for the quick feedback!

I followed the instructions to the letter. the only thing i had to do differently was when I downloaded ubooquity.sh with the wget. It gave me a download.php which I had to rename. I checked the ubooquity.sh file and it is the same as the troubleshooting script.

Regarding the network loss, I use a fixed ip address. Please note, I have been using the NAS for a long time and I have not had any issues - the system has been up for many months. What happens is that after i access ubooquity a few times (via safari from a MAC on the same network), I suddenly lose the network graph on the DSM portal. I then go to the network monitoring and it tells me that the connection is lost. I can still access DSM, but it seems that some applications within DSM believe there no connection. For example, DS Download is stuck. In addition, when i restart the NAS, the ubooquity does not restart automatically. I did put the file in the directory as per tutorial, but is does not work. Are there different directories??
Many thanks

Stephen Fazio
Autostart: hmm, no idea what the issue could be then. Have you tried placing another script in there and seeing if it runs? Or/And logging the ubooquity script to see if it is even executes?
Maybe also create a thread in the synology forum. Possibly someone else had a similar or the same problem (like someone else here in another thread).

Network loss: That's definitely weird. Synology stores its logs in /var/logs/. Maybe you can find a log there which can help find what causes or how it happens.