Command Line Update/Scan Command?

Jason Jones 9 years ago updated by Tom 8 years ago 5
Is there a a command you can run from the Command Line to force an update/scan? If so what is it please? Thanks!
Under review
That's not possible at the moment.

The scan is triggered by the call of an URL (when using the web admin), so technically you might think about using a command line tool like curl to call it. The problem is that launching a scan is an administrator action, so you have to be identified, which means providing a cookie with the token generated by the server when you logged in. Quite complex and not realistically usable as the token has to be preiodically regenerated.

Is there a specific reason you need command line triggered scan ? Usually setting the autoscan period to the minimum (15 min) does the job, as the scanning process is really inexpensive (as long as no new file has been added).
I agree the minimum is normally fine. I was working on trying to update my books with meta tags and checking to see if the metadata was showing up in Ubooquity when clicking on a book. At the time, I didn't think about running the Admin page from the remote pc I was on. I'm an old batch file guy and I was like, boy I wish I could just make a script to force an update as soon as I need it without remoting in and doing it. I could've just opened the admin page and clicked update as much as I needed. DOH! Thanks for the answer though!

i have the terminal (command prompt) opened running Ubooquity. its much easier and convenient to issue a command prompt scan command (maybe like 'r' as refresh) than open a webpage, browse to admin new scan page. concur and suggest to have a command prompt scan command :)

Yes, scanning the command prompt to trigger a scan would be easier. Not very convenient, but why not.

I'll add it to the backlog.