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T0mservo 5 years ago updated by Tom 2 years ago 15

So I've been having trouble adding metadata to my large comic collection.

I've unsuccessfully tried Calibre and ComicVine Scraper plugin for ComicRack. Is there a simple way to write metadata to a large collection without creating duplicate books or managing a separate library?

Could someone please lay out simple instructions on how to get that beautiful info I see in so many of your theme pictures. It shouldn't be hard, right?

Tom, this question is answered elsewhere and Tomservo has read the post. Please mark this thread as completed. I will also be creating a simple tutorial within the next few days that you may want to host.

Matthew, I'd be interested in that tutorial as well.

I sent the page to Tom a few hours ago. If he likes it it'll be hosted here soon.

I used ComicTagger. It took a while to do my whole collection (the comicvine api only lets so many requests in a row), but it was stupidly easy.

I also like ComicTagger, but I believe the search capability of Cory's plugin to be far superior. Cory's will understand the year and comic number in many different file names more often than ComicTagger will understand. However, ComicTagger does use less memory and is quicker.

ComicVine just changed their API last month so the limit on scrapes is gone now. The new rule is you have to have a two second delay between each connection to the API. ComicTagger hasn't been updated in 11 months so if you use it now you'll eventually be banned from the ComicVine API :(

Assuming that the plugin you are referring to is a part of the tutorial we are waiting for?

Yes, that's right. I was referring to this plugin. Tom emailed me two days ago saying he will host the tutorial. I do not know where it will be placed so I'm checking the front page and FAQ page once a day.


Just need to make sure its updated for 0.91

Thanks! i will try later...

It's up !

(and the FAQ has been updated with the link)

This is fantastic. Thanks to all involved!

does this help file still exist?

The documentation has been moved. 

You'll find everything here: