Feature Request - single config directory for files, logs, etc

PhAzE 5 years ago updated by Tom 5 years ago 6
Files from the .jar are extracted into the same folder as the .jar file. How about a switch like --configdir that allows those files to be extracted to a folder that can be set via command line option. That way all the files can be contained but moved to another location while leaving the jar file in its current directory.
While on the topic for adding switches, having --urlbase so you can set the reverse proxy from command line would be a fantastic addition also!
Under review
You can do that using the "user.dir" Java option. Well, almost, there is still a small bug which will be fixed in the next release.
See details in this thread.

(as for the reverse proxy command line argument, I'll put it in my todo list)
Thanks, I'll have a look at that java option. I'm working on an unraid plugin (not docker) for this app.
It appears to work for everything except the logs directory, can that be updated in the next version also by chance? That way the log dir follows the rest of the files that are using "-Duser.dir" path, i'll open a new ticket for this.
That's the bug I was talking about (the log directory problem).