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Simon Kavanagh 5 years ago updated by Tom 5 years ago 3

Is it possible to run ubooquity from my seagate central 2TB NAS hard drive? If so, how difficult is it? I'm not very good at linux/java commands. I have all my comics and ebooks stored on the NAS but I don't want to have my laptop running to keep the server active.

Thanks for your help.
I do not have a Seagate NAS, but I can give some general advice. First you must enable access to the device through a protocol called SSH. Follow this quick tutorial to enable SSH. Next download Putty open it then give it the IP address of your NAS. Log in with an admin account or 'root' if you have the root password.

Seagate says that it doesn't use alot of Linux commands so I'm not sure what will work for you. The next general steps will be to install Java 7 or above, downloading Ubooquity, unzipping Ubooquity then running Ubooquity. You might be able to install Java through the Seagate web interface.

Make a directory to hold Ubooquity then move in to it
mkdir /var/packages/Ubooquity
cd /var/packages/Ubooquity
Download Ubooquity
wget http://vaemendis.net/ubooquity/service/download.php
Unzip the package you downloaded
unzip download.php
Start the server
java -jar Ubooquity.jar -webadmin
If the server started you should be able to view the web interface by putting the IP address of your NAS in to a browser and adding :2202 to the end.
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Couldn't have given a better answer.

The hard (and Seagate specific) part will be to find out if (and how) you can install Java.
Once this is done, Ubooquity will almost certainly be able to run.

Not knowing anything about Seagate NAS, I won't be able to help you more.