Add the option to view CBR/CBZ files under E-Books

Jason Jones 8 years ago updated by Tom 8 years ago 3

I have many e-books that are in cbr or cbz format. It would be nice to be able to view them with the comic reader under the E-Book section.

Under review

If they are cbz/cbr, they are comics, no ?

Why not share them as comics instead of ebooks ?

(you can share the same folder twice, once in each section)

"If they are cbz/cbr, they are comics, no ?" - Not Always... The original scanner of the book could have just saved the images of the page/text in cbz/cbr format, and this could have been done for any type book. (see attached image below pulled directly from an e-book saved as a cbr)

Why not share them as comics instead of ebooks ? - Because technically they are not comics, they are e-books just using a non-traditional file extension, and I like to keep them separate.

See attached image:


Ok, I understand better.

Had I to rewrite Ubooquity from scratch today, I would probably remove the distinction between comics and ebooks.

Ubooquity was first designed for comics only, the support for ebooks being added later. This resulted in different ways of storing metadata, and a kind of artificial distinction between both types (the PDF format being an exception, but it was painful to manage).

So unless I write a version 2.0 from scratch someday (not likely but not completely impossible either), I will probably keep things the way they are, sorry.