For some who might be having problems serving over the internet

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I own a Motorola SBG 6580 combo cable modem/router and was having difficulty serving comics through a WAN. I found this discussion here about some port forwarding tips and it worked perfectly! You basically want to set its external/WAN ip address to, and everything else as suggested:


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Thanks for sharing !
After setting up your router to forward port 2202 to your NAS most of you will also have dynamic DNS settings in your routers (if not flash your router with DD-WRT firmware). Make use of those settings by signing up for a noip.com account and plugging those account details in to your router.

With this set up you can sign up for a custom address from noip and use that address to access your comics, via OPDS, from anywhere on the planet!

For example, if you make a noip account and get the address comics.no-ip.org you would put http://comics.no-ip.org:2202 in to your browser. This will connect you to your NAS and display Ubooquity's web interface!

Set up a nice Ubooquity web server and share your collection with your family and friends by giving them your noip address.
I'm having issue with getting Ubooquity to work outside of my home network. So far I have forwarded the public ip address and port 2202 on my router for both UDP and TCP and set up the inbound rules in my firewall. After that didn't fix the issue I then signed up for a No-IP account and then set that up in my router also. I am not sure if it is configured correctly I have a host address that I am trying to resolve but I don't know if that is correct or if I need a domain. I originally tried just the ip address and couldn't get that to connect either. I am looking forward to using this web server regularly but if I can't get it to work outside of my network then it isn't much use to me. Still nice to see that someone is trying to fill this existing gap in locally stored print media being available over the web (I know that I've asked on a few of the media servers forums that they include comics and ebooks only to see no support for the idea).
If you use an ADSL modem to connect to the Internet, you probably have to configure port forwarding there too (I had to to).
Hey Tom I'm not familiar with the term post forwarding and Google didn't offer any insight should I be forwarding the computers network IP or my networks public IP? If I am using NO-IP should I configure it for web redirectand map the port. I have basically tried all of these with no success I'm really looking forward to getting this up and running. I already use Plex so I have all of my audio and video available via the web been wanting to add the eBooks and Comic scans for a long time now. By the way I love the name for the program very clever.
I'm glad you like the name. I tried to find something unique (easy to find using a search engine), but I always wondered if "Ubooquity" was not to weird to pronounce for a native speaker.

"post forwarding" was just me trying to write "port forwarding" on a mobile phone and failing.
Each device has to point to the other one in the right order. Let's says you have this setup (that's what I have myself):

PC (Ubooquity) <= Router <= ADSL Modem

Then if Ubooquity is running on, your router will have to forward port 2202 to, and (assuming your router IP address is, your ADSL modem will have to forward port 2202 to
(I kept the same port to keep things simple, but you can map port differently if need be)

I have no experience with NO-IP but I guess you just have to point your NO-IP alias to the port 2202 of your public IP.

I guess that if you already use Plex over the Internet, you already know all that. But I don't really know what other advice to give as Ubooquity is similar to any other server application in that matter.
My router won't allow me to forward the same port to two different ip addresses. I have a router/modem from FIOS
Well Tom I figured out my issues and now I feel like a dumb ass turns out I forwarded a port to the wrong IP and that if I would have used the right IP to begin with there would be no issues. Thanks for the help and good luck with your program.