Install on low key device

Elouan 5 years ago updated by Tom 5 years ago 2

This is a more a question than an actual request. I run ubooquity on a DS212 synology. It's working fine apart a few minor issues here and then.

Here is my question: for what I understand ubooquity consists of 3 components:

- a database that stores all data about comics collection

- a web server

- a java dameon that works in the background and during scan

On my synology, I already have a database running for other pupropses (mssql) and a web server (I believe it's an Apache server)

So I find that there is redundancy here: with ubooquity running, I end up with two databases and two webservers running on the same machine

My question is as follow:do you think it's feasible to customize ubooquity installation for use with a different database and a different web server?

For the database: I believe that once you've established a connection to any databse it should not change anything; the only difficulty would be to build the initial structure of the database (the tables, fields, queries, etc...). Depending on how that part is coded, it may not change, in any case this would require special work only when you change the database structure, so not every release.

For the web server, I'm not sure how ubooquity works... I belive that using Apache would not change much?

Under review

The main design goals of Ubooquity are simplicity and ease of use.
That's why Ubooquity is packaged in a single file and does not require any external dependencies (apart from the Java runtime environment) to run.

By the way, although Ubooquity acts as a web servers and uses an internal database, everything exists in a unique process.
There is no daemon, no external database instance, no external web server.

My guess is that pluging Ubooquity to your own database would not make you gain much anyway, a few megabytes of RAM perhaps. Not worth the trouble.
As for the Apache web server, as you guessed, it wouldn't bring anything at all.