Native Android Client

Charlie Jordan 6 years ago updated by svin83 3 years ago 5
Access via web is fine for PC viewing, but can be problematic when on Android smartphone or tablet, especially when browsing the library.  Page resizing can cause buttons to jump around and suddenly become inaccessible.

With an Android client (or IOS, for that matter), we could eliminate these issues.  A native client could also autodetect a Ubooquity server on the network, similar to Plex.
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An Android client would indeed be easier to use, but would also take much too long to develop (not talking about iOS, I do not have any Apple related skill), so it's very unlikely to happen.

One easier solution (perhaps something I'll do at some point) would be to have a smarthpone specific interface. It's true that the current interface is not really tailord for small screens as I had tablets in mind when designing Ubooquity, not smartphones, which I never really considered a suitable reading device (although I know a lot of people do).

Closer to us, the next version of Ubooquity (1.7.0) will add OPDS support for books and comics, allowing you to use any OPDS client (Android or iOS) to browse your collection. Not as good as a real native client but it should make browsing easier.

The target date is mid-december, stay tuned !

I'm working on an iPad native reader for Comics, is there an open API I can hook on?

Ubooquity provides a standard OPDS feed. See the specs here:


In this feed, it provides an additional link to allow the client to read pages directly.

The specs of this extensions are here:


Scaling to every screen would be great, but this wouldn't need native apps for every platform. It would just require a theme to be made with a mobile-first css framework like bootstrap or materializecss etc. and then MAYBE a few tweaks to the output from Ubooquity so it doesn't break the css in the framework.