OPDS mixed catalog / content feeds

Chunky 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 11
OPDS doesn't want you to mix acquisition links (ie. comics) and catalog links (ie. subfolders) in the same catalog, which is a bit sucky for browsing because Ubooquity has to add a 'comics in this folder' subfolder, instead of letting you see the comics mixed in with the subfolders as users might expect.
If you somehow flagged the 'comics in this folder' link, clients could know that the contents of that link belong mixed into the current feed. I guess a new boolean attribute that applies only to acquisition links would do the trick, but it could also be something more informal like a query parameter in the link's href.
Under review
Great idea !
I'll do that.
Awesome, will look out for it and add support in the update after next.
On the Challenger Viewer on Android didn't like it when I set it to show folders. First folder was like: "http", the next was ":" and so on, terrible to browse using this. And by normal use, it would show every issue that started with "01" or "00" etc. Which isn't ideally either, this might be an issue with the app itself though.. Not sure.
I quickly tried Challenger Viewer in folder mode but I was not able to reproduce the problem.
Anyway I would not have been able to do anything as I am not the author of this viewer. You should contact him directly.

Can't say exactly when the next version will be release (I'll try to relase a minor one in a week or two), but it will include a new attribute on entries that contain the current folder content:

<title>Files in current folder (34)</title>
<content type="html"></content>
<link type="application/atom+xml; profile=opds-catalog; kind=acquisition" rel="subsection"
href="/opds-comics/293/?displayFiles=true" pse:current-folder-content="true"/>

Let me know if you want something different.
Beautiful...will add support for the next update, probably within a month or so.
Took me some time but I added Chnuky Reader as my recommended reader for iPad in the FAQ.