OPDS doesn't work with reverse proxy

Jeremy Bone 9 years ago updated by Tom 8 years ago 8
As title says, OPDS doesn't seem to work correctly when reverse proxy is enabled in Ubooquity. I can browse and view comics from the webpage fine, but when using OPDS (with Chunky comic reader) it doesn't work correctly. The folders and files are displayed, but when attempting to stream a comic, it says "Could not open file." Downloading also fails. After disabling reverse proxy, it begins working again.
FYI, I first spoke to the Chunky dev re: this thinking it might be an issue with the app, but he suggested it is likely an issue with how Ubooquity handles paths-- i.e., perhaps it is using an absolute path when referencing opds-comics, e.g. /opds-comics, rather than honoring the reverse-proxy path, e.g. /<proxy_path>/opds-comics.
Under review
Bug reproduced on my side. I'll fix it before the next release.
Thanks for pointing it out !
Hi Tom! I'm running into this issue as well and I'm anxious for a fix. Any idea when the next release is due out?
I never commit on deadline for Ubooquity, but I'd say end of august (september if things go wrong) is possible.
I would suggest trying out UltimateBrowserProject for Android; I've tried most comic readers with OPDS support and I haven't been satisfied with any of them - UBP works perfectly with Ubooquity, couldn't recommend it enough. You can check out UBP here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-ultimatebrowserproject-t3130925
Didn't know this one. I'll try it out (although not for reading comics as I read them on iPad).