Ability to remove comics from the Latest Addtions page

Jason Jones 9 years ago updated by Tom 9 years ago 1

I am constantly renaming files/folders or moving books around in my collection and any time a change is detected it re-adds the book or worse, every book in the folder to the Latest Additions list. It would be nice to have the option to be able to remove books like this from the Latest Additions list so only the true Latest Additions are showing.


The problem is that Ubooquity is not capable of making the difference between a moved file and a new file (to do that would require keeping hashes of files and comparing them each time a change occurs, a bit complex for the expected benefit).

For Ubooquity, the "primary id" of a file is its path. Change it and you have a new file.

And I'm afraid you will have the same problem when I add the read/unread flag feature. It will be reset each time you move a file.