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Problem with files on d: drive

Aury 6 years ago updated by Tom 6 years ago 2
I am just playing around for the first time. Installed U on the d: drive. But then deleted it and moved it to the i: drive. Recreated everything.

But it keeps creating folders on the d: drive (cache, logs, etc.) even though the same folders exist on the i: drive. And sometimes when I start U on the i: drive it gives an error referring to the d: drive. But the next time it works.

Also, another issue is that when it started scanning the books it stopped at one book and does not appear to go past it. Does that mean the metadata for the book is corrupt? How rare an occurrence is this kind of problem?
Ok, a little brain dead: the short cut I made was still referring to the d: drive as the starting folder.

As for the books that would not scan, there were 5 out of about 1000 books. They were all epubs. I got a meta-data editor to look at them and they all said there was no cover image. I added one, but they still did not scan. Nothing else in the meta-data looked obviously wrong.
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Were there some specific error in the log file (look for the name of the files which failed) ?

If you want, send me the files that don't work and I'll take a look.
tom "at" vaemendis.net