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Titan Tiranus 6 years ago updated by Tom 6 years ago 2
take automatique all information for album on http://www.bedetheque.com or amazone
Under review
I've been asked for this feature several times.
Ubooquity is a "content server": its purpose is to allow file access, not to modify them. So a metadata grabber would have to be done in another project (Ubooquity never modifies your files, and storing metadata outside of the files they describe is a bad idea).

I have almost started working on a metadata grabbing software. But after having dug a little into the amount of work required to have something efficient and easy to use, I have realized it was not a realistic task.

At some point in the future, Ubooquity will read and make use of the metadata contained in the "comicinfo.xml" file some comic files contain. But this file will have to be generated by another software.