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Navigating in/out folder page

Elouan 5 years ago updated by Tom 5 years ago 6


for starting this year, I decided to write a whish list of improvments/issues that I'd appreciate. I'm starting with something I find annoying when using the web interface to navigate through my collection.

When brwosing my collection, after navigating down inside a folder, and seeing the different comics in that folder, I can click on the 'up' arrow. At the moment, ubooquity returns to the first page, even if the folder I'm leaving was on page 5 or 6... I have 20 pages of folders, and it can be slow to navigate back to page 13, especially if I don't remember which page I was when I left my comic.

My feeling is that It would be better if that 'up' arrow would return to the previous page, this would avoid navigating all the way back to the page displaying the folder we want to exit

Under review

That's something I already tried to implement in the very early versions of Ubooquity.

I gave up because it would have added a bit of complexity to the paging mechanism (the solution I tried involved keeping the folder navigation history somewhere) and because I found the "back" button of the browser to be sufficient to go back where you were before.

In what kind of situation is the "back" button of your browser not enough ?

And just to be sure, do you know you can click on the page number to display a "go to..." menu ?

I might have an idea to implement that without keeping a navigation history (which I won't do), but it might have an impact on performances. So I have to do some tests first.

I agree the "up" button works counter-intuitive in this situation. Returning to page 1 unexpected, that happend a lot when I first started to use Ubooquity. I use an iPad to read my comics. And put my browser in full screen mode. In that case the browser "back" button is inaccessible. So you have to exit full screen mode before you can use the browser "back" button.

You could change the behavior of the "up" button when in dir or sub dir to "back". Or you could make an extra "back" button available when in dir or sub dir.

I did not know you could click on the page number. Thanx for the tip.

One solution that has come to me is that you can use JavaScript to save variables to cookies. This allows you to have a session. The benefit would be that you can save the pagination information in the cookie so that the up button performs as expected.

It wouldn't work with several tabs opened in the same browser on different Ubooquity pages.

I just found that HTML5 session storage does not share data across tabs. Also, according to some users at bytes.com: you can also save JavaScript global variables (like window.name) and those persist across pages, but in to new tabs.

I was not aware of the existence of session storage. Thanks.