Mark Read (Android Client) - I'm completely lost

Bobby Hill 9 years ago updated by Tom 9 years ago 3

In order to mark the comics that I have read, via my android tablet, what do I need to do?

Enable OPDS and use Challenger Viewer, and the android client app will keep track of this for me?

It has taken me nearly a week to find Ubooquity, so that I can simply read the comics from my server instead of downloading first, and I'm now 90% of the way there. This last thing is confusing me.

I can't speak to 100% like Tom can. But Ubooquity currently doesn't store a read/unread status on the comics, so I'm guessing you mean in Challenger Viewer? Perhaps asking their support may be more useful, since it is probably stored in the app rather than in ubooquity.


I finally got it all working together. Challenger Viewer itself does actually store the read status of each comic (so fantastic!). It's got some work to be done in order to get the same folder hierarchy that Ubooquity has setup implemented though.

With I could close my own thread. :/