Make ._filenames hidden by default

David Moses 8 years ago updated by Jesús Calviño 8 years ago 9
I work in a mixed environment that's mostly OSX along with Windows. When Ubooquity finished scanning my eComic library, the number of pages is doubled due to the displaying of ._filenames for EVERY SINGLE file! Generally, deleting ._filesnames is a bad idea due to the metadata they contain, so it would make sense to have these hidden by default by Ubooquity.
Under review
Agreed. I'll extend the "Folder exclusion pattern" option so that it allows exclusion of files in addition to folders.
Excellent! Thanks for the prompt response on this request and all the work you've put into Ubooquity itself. This would definitely make non-Windows users lives much easier when using this app.
How do you make them hidden? When logging in remotely I still see these extra files...
You have to set a regular expression (in the "Scan exclusion pattern" option) that will determine which files and folders will be ignored.
The expression is tested against the whole path of each scanned file and directory.
I usually use this tool to quickly test regexp when I need one.


I'm a new user since yesterday, so i'm trying to get all working properly...

I get a lot of "._" files in the comic scan, i set that pattern in the exclusion section:

"Scan exclusion pattern" "._"

and i click the "Clear Comics database" link, but the ._ files still remains :/

How i coud get rid of that files?


Amacing program!

The pattern is compared to the whole path of the files and folders.

So if you have a file named ._test in the C:/aaa/bbb/ folder, the pattern has to match C:/aaa/bbb/._test

If you want to ignore all files containing "._", this pattern should work:


(there is probably a more elegant pattern, I'm not a regex expert)


I update my pattern, and will check if this works...