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Nicolas Fausett 5 years ago updated by Marco Kalnenek 4 years ago 4

I would love to be able to create my own library from the admin page and then allocate a directory to it.

Such as Kids Books /mnt/shared/kids/ebooks

Under review

You mean like creating some kind of named groups that would include several shared directories ?

If so, why not simply reorganize your folders ?


If you have large media collections (music, movies, books, comics, etc.) spread over multiple external hard drives (or even cloud services) it's much easier to simply add folders to drives as you go along. "Simply" reorganizing folders could mean weeks of work, not to mention space issues.

For example: in Plex Media Server I have a "tv" section, which includes all the tv series I have spread across mutiple drives:

When I open Plex I simply see "tv", "movies" and a few other sections, without having to worry about where they are stored.
Something similar would be cool for Ubooquity too: add multiple locations for "My Comic Books" and have the front-end simply just show "My Comic Books" and "My Books" like it does now. (Actually, being able to rename those sections would be nice too....)

Cool. I'll give that a go. thanks.

I'd like to have named groups better than reorganising my folder structure: named group are more flexible, for example I don't know how many groups I may require: it's easier to create a new group than to reorganise the folder structure and rescan the whole library