[Feature Request] Do not display the same book duplicate times for each format

Doug Crowe 4 years ago updated by przemek.zoltowski 2 years ago 2

My ebook folder (library) has both epub nad mobi format files in it because members of my family have different reading devices. This is displayed by duplicating the book to appear once for each format. I would request the book only be displayed once and the download/read options should ask which format when clicked. The file names for each format are identical other than the file extension.


This modification would be too complex, it would require virtual entries that could lead to different files depending on the user profile.

On solution would be to have separate folders for different formats. But this is not possible if you use Calibre to manage your collection.

Another solution (which is not ideal but would work) would be to have two instances of Ubooquity running (don"t forget to use different port numbers).

By using the "scan exclusion pattern" in the advanced options, one instance would exclude epubs files (use the pattern ".*.epub", without quotes ) and display only mobi, and the other one would do the opposite (".*.mobi").

It would be great feature, is it still too complex ?