[Feature Request] Ability to group by/sort by ebook metadata

Doug Crowe 4 years ago updated by JacobMIX 6 months ago 4

Could we have the ability to use metadata tagged with Calibre to group books by? Such as options to use Series rather than Author, or Series as a sub category under author?


That's something I had planned from the start. So it'll be definitely done someday. I just don't know when yet.

What's the progress on this? Been using Calibre for a while but been wanting to switch to something else for a while.
But i really miss the feature to sort by series, author or language. Since i already use ComicRack tags i thought it would work.

I'm also hoping, when this is eventually implemented, to be able to sort by publishing date. It's great, while reading an issue of something, to be able to see all the stuff that was out that month.


Are there any updates on whether this might be likely? It would be great to be able to browse by author, series, tags, date, etc. At the moment if you import a calibre library everything is buried 3 or 4 clicks down because of the enforced folder structure.