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Process threads, runaways, ram usage?

Richard Leonard 8 years ago updated by Tom 8 years ago 1

the other night I noticed that my server was experiencing SERIOUS lag.... a quick check showed that the UBOOQUITY process(es) had completely taken over - I counted about 30 process IDs on the HTOP screen. I start UBOOQUITY via startup - and assign 1024Mb at the java command line call - - - however -- - it "seemed" that it was taking more than that (I don't know completely how to read the HTOP screen...) - what I did see and can read (if I have my glasses on...) - CPU (this is a 2 core boxen) - was over 100% - most of which was the UBOOQUITY chain .... I let it run for a few hours to see if anything would change - and it didn't - the log file did not seem to be getting any new entries and had a few "glitch" spots in it...(so brain dead me - deleted it after I stopped everything....)

I have since restarted the beastie from scratch (deleting the db as well to keep things clean) - so far all seems well... I know that if a scanning thread is running, repeated logins, and a second admin login starts, can cause hiccups.. including what "seems" to be a second scanning instance to begin... - - I hope that this weekend I can narrow down the "exact" pointy/clickie steps to repeat the crash/crunch/bang -

main questions - - -

What are optimal RAM setting for startup when the initial directories are going to be scanned and database generated?

What are the optimal settings if I then start up UBOOQUITY on an itty-bitty GOFLEX NET and this will be the "web instance" front end (the other instance of UBOOQUITY will be shutdown)?

if the boxen that is used for DB creation has 4GB of RAM (multi core CPU/hyperthreading/chrome plating/brass buttons/etc....), the GOFLEX has 128MB (ARM cpu/3 cylinder/Citroen frame/iron nails/bald tires/no paint) - What I am looking at trying is assigning 1024MB for the bigger boxen and then NOT specifying on the little guy.... (BIG BOXEN runs ubuntu 15.1 and the little guy runs debian Jessie and I think I just updated the kernel on both to 4 something if that makes a difference)

My daughter figures we have enough disk space, and if we download the "weeklies" we add about 300 comics a week (until we toss out what we don't care about)... so - for instance - I shutdown the little guy process - fire off the big guy Saturday afternoon to add the new files - and then once finished scanning - switch things back -- - -

Does this sound workable?

Under review

Thanks for the detailed report.

I already know that Ubooquity has performance issues for some users and I'll try to understand and fix them.

Without these problems, I'd says that a few hundred megs of memory should be enough.