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Start on windows server without login ?

Henrioul Fabrice 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 5


I would like to know how start a daemon Ubooquity on a Windows server 2008 without login of a user ? Any idea ?

Thanks for this great app !

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I've never done it, by I guess you should try to run it as a service.

I've done it, but only work localy, any advise on this, you can only access on the same pc

I can upload the windows service installer

I have done!!!
I have my ubooquity as a Windows service.
Here is the link to download the installer

Ubooquity As Service

inside bin folder is the installer and uninstaller

in my pc is installed on the E drive, ubooquity folder so you have to change the drive and folder on the Wrapper.conf file and the location of java.exe on your machine.

don´t forget to add the exception of java on the windows firewall.

Link only points to the jar file.