Enable HTTPS to external links

Jef Oliver (El Jef) 4 years ago updated by Tom 4 years ago 3

When securing through a reverse proxy, font links try to load over regular HTTP.

This causes Chrome to block loading of this font as it is not HTTPS encrypted. I am suggesting an option to enable calling these links over HTTPS.


Why not just use :


in your font CSS file ?

(the fact that your are using a reverse proxy has no impact on this, fonts will be served using the URL you specified in your custom css file regardless)

The problem does not exist for fonts taken from the "fonts" folder of Ubooquity since they are referenced using relative paths (so they are automatically served through a "https" URL when a certificate is used).

I suppose that is a much better method than my knee-jerk bug filing. Thank You.

You're welcome. :)