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Linux mint IP issue

Jon Hefner 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2


I recently switched to using linux Mint from windows. I used your program on windows and it was awesome but I am having an issue when using Linux. It seems to be picking the lo loopback address instead of my eth0 private ip for my local lan.

This is causing me not to connect using my ipad and chunky comic reader.

If someone could help me out that be awesome thanks.

P.S. I also downloaded the scripts from the page it recommends but I am having issues getting them to work. They are already chown to my user. I am a linux newb so please help.

Under review

By default (if you don't use the --host option) Ubooquity does not listen to a specific address (the one you see in the GUI is just the first one found, in reality Ubooquity listens to all of them).

So I guess your problem might come from somewhere else (firewall, port forwarding...).

As for the Linux scripting issue, I'll users more skilled than me answer you.

You know honestly I never tried the connection based off my IP. I just assumed that it was the one listed.