CBT Support

Invisible Phan 4 years ago updated by Tom 4 years ago 2

CBZ/CBR are all well and good, but they aren’t the only CB* formats for comics, while CB7 is complex and has no significant usage, CBT is trivial to support, instantaneous to extract and with modern image formats there is no penalty in size for lack of compression. Anything I really like is stored in CBT now, so lack of support makes Ubooquity pretty much useless for me, whle it is supported by almost every other reader/manager out there.


I knew about the existence of the CBT format, but I never ever saw one CBT file in over 15 years of reading electronic comics. So I'm be curious to know where this format is actually used.

Usage apart, CBT is indeed technically the best format for storing comics pages (see next message) (CB7 is a nonsense, CBR should not be used anymore, CBZ is acceptable if used without compression).

So I'll add support in one of the next Ubooquity versions.

I take back what I wrote about CBT: it does not allow random file access. So CBZ is technically better for comics storage.

I'll still add support for CBT, but online reading will be slower than it is with CBZ files (wether it will be noticeable or not is another matter).