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Menu(s) translation

Greg 4 years ago updated by nobicycle 1 year ago 3


First of all thanks for this nice ans easy to run/install software :)

Is it possible to translate the menus ?

I would like to translate all the english words to french one

If yes can we know where to do the changes ?


Under review


Unfortunately all the menu text is written directly into the code.

I know it's not a good practice, but I figured this was an application with almost no text (mostly icons, in the user interface anyway).

Désolé. :/

I second the request.  Ubooquity users and potential donators are currently limited to those who speak English. Yes, it does limit users because even though Tom says the user interface is simple (agree), the administration interface is not. If the administrator is "lost in translation" then quite simply, Ubooquity will not even be considered.

I see all the admin text is in admin.html

Could the boilertplate text for just this file become a config file?

Interested parties can then do their own thing for translation.

As Tom mentioned, the user interface is simple and does not need translation.

Best wishes