Ubooquity webui doesnt load all cover images from my comics library (regardless of browser)

bollings 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 11

When I try to load library views of my comics (i.e showing covers) on my ipad or iphone, the browser does not load all images properly, sometimes the cover images are misplaces, sometimes no image is loaded, sometimes it uses arrow button images (UI items).

This is for almost any library view, I have sorted my library in a-z folders with subfolders for each series and if the number of items are larger than 20 something this problem reproduces almost every time. Its something to do with how ios webview loads content from cache or something cause it reproduces on both safari, chrome, opera coast or any other browser.

Its really annoying because it forces me to refresh/reload the pages constantly.

Note, I have no problems on desktop browsers (OSX) or on android (chrome/opera) every library page view load instantaneously, all cover images are correct.

This issue relates to iOS only

btw how to edit the original post? I can only edit my replies it seems ;)


This is a problem caused by iOS management of HTTP pipelining issues.

The issue has been known for years but Apple doesn't care.

I'm working on replacing the internal HTTP server used by Ubooquity. This should solve this problem, but you'll have to wait a few months.

In the meantime, you can try to enable HTTPS, it has been said to disable pipelining, thus removing the problem.

Ok thanks, I'll try the https route. Cheers!

And many thanks for your great work :)

P.S. Would you consider showing a unread/read/in progress status for individual items in library? That would make it much easier to keep track of what youve read and not in vast libraries such as my own. Thanks again.

It's already near the top of my todo list. :)


I add the same issue. It's an iOS one. I went out of it by accessing my server via https (even not ubooquity, but my apache front-end, and it's sufficient).



Yes confirmed that enabling https did the trick, works now with self signed certificate. However, i get a browser certificate warning every once in a while when accessing my host.

Looks like ios10 finally fixed the damn problem lol

Good news!

And for those (like me) stuck with earlier versions of iOS, the next version of Ubooquity should fix the problem as well.