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Wrong cover image for mobi books

Trigisdead 4 years ago updated by Puneet 2 years ago 4

When adding Mobi formatted eBooks that contain multiple images, Ubooquity does not correctly identify and use the cover image, but instead, seems to choose a random image from the book.

Under review

Since the mobi format is a closed one, without public specifications to work on, Ubooquity lists all images in the mobi file and tries to guess which one is the cover, based on dimensions and ratio.

This is far from perfect of course.

If you can send me one or two mobi files having this problem, I'll take a look at them and see if I can improve the guessing algorithm.

My address: tom at vaemendis dot net

hate to dig up an old post but i am having the same problems. the weird thing is every mobi file i have, the first image is always the cover. for some reason tho, when it's wrong it picks another image that some times isn't even close to the right dimensions. maybe an option for books that says "use first image found" would be good? 

Same answer as above: send me a link where I can download an example of mobi file for which Ubooquity does not correctly guess the cover, and I'll take a look to see if the extraction algorithm can be improved.

I have this same problem. All of my ebooks are mobi or AZW3 format. And half of my covers are incorrect. Mostly they are for some other book in the same author's folder. But sometimes they are some other image from within the book. 

I'm sharing a Calibre library in Ubooquity. Calibre library puts the cover in a 'cover.jpg' file in the same folder. So perhaps when settings option 'Shared books are in a Calibre library' is checked, Ubooquity doesn't need to guess at all. I just needs to pick the cover.jpg file in the same folder as ebook file. Please implemented a fix if possible.

BTW, for reference, I have Ubooquity 2.1.2 installed on a QNAP NAS.