Selective Disabling of file types

Richard Leonard 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 3

is there any way to selectively disable one or more of the "types" of files that a given section works with...

ie. - - for Comics: can PDFs be disabled (so that it will NOT scan/process that file type within the defined directories)

For BOOKS, same - - only moreso - if I want to only "keep" - epub files in my Library - is there a way to disable MOBI, PDF and the other file types from being processed

(and with the new version - I get quite a few PDF processing errors... OOM GC overhead limit exceeded mostly)

Under review

You can use the "Scan exclusion pattern" option (in the "Advanced" section).

The following pattern will exclude PDF files:


But it will do so for all folders, comics and ebooks alike.

Worked perfectly! - Thank You!