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i've been wandering about this for some time and recently went on a search to find it.

I have ubooquity and it works great! Best program for comic and video sharing, i can access it from anywhere anytime and i even gave my address to some friends because they like comics as much as i but dont know where to see or download. The only problem is that i need to have my computer running, like 24/7 for anyone to access it and that makes the electrical bill go way up.

But my router is constantly running and has USB ports. So i went searching if there was anyway to install programs on routers and read somewhere that you could install some Java applications through OpenWRT or DD-WRT.

Can anyone help me or did this? Or even have an alternate solution


I'm afraid the hardware inside routers (especially the RAM) won't be good enough to run Java applications.

The way to avoid having a computer running 24/7 is usually to run Ubooquity on a NAS or a Raspberry Pi (probably the cheapest solution).

Always wondered how setting up servers with a rasperry Pi worked,

So basically rasperry Pi runs the program for you? can you do this with other programs as well, lets say qbittorent?

Well, a Raspberry Pi is just a Linux server. You can run anything you like on it, as long as the Pi is powerful enough.

If you want to try, people have written tutorials:



I don't know if they are up to date, but that's a good starting point.

i live in Portugal and i dont know if this is a problem for you all to but i can get a raspberry pi under 50€ (56$) and as i'm not a spender, i thought of this:

What if i could get ubooquity running on an old android phone?

First i read that you could install linux and do a bunch of stuff etc, but dont know why, i couldnt do it. Also it was a bit to advanced for me.

Then i wondered if it could run ubooquity as it is, being a jar file. And it turns out there are some apps that can run Jar files. With this i could put all my comics in a sdcard, plug it in to the phone, run the app, configure it, plug the phone in the usb ports of the router (so it's always charging) and it's done.

Now, i'm not at home but when i get there i will try this and let you know about this adventure

just checkin in.

I quit trying to put linux on android cause, my phone was to weak and i dont have enough memory and etc etc... So if anyone has tried this or knows another way (without spending money) i'm all ears