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First of all, very nice program, what i am about to recommend isn't necessary, is mostly QOL,

Make it so that you can navigate the titles/chapters via wasd, and allow for a simple keybind to open/read chapters without having to see the option to download.

Like i said this isn't necessary honestly, it's mostly something that I think would be cool.

Also, is there anyway to do something like forward your ip to a web adress or something so you don't have to give people your ip, or just to make it look cool lol?

Apparently the system ate a part of my post, why does right clicking takes you to the menu, on stuff like android web the app becomes useless, on browser is but an annoyance.

Under review
  • WASD instead of arrows: to be honest, shortcuts customization is very low on my todo list given the number of critical items I already have planned. ;)
  • Open (or download) a book without displaying the popup first: planned, I want it too, but not at the top of the list yet.
  • IP forwarding: you'd need to buy your own domain, or use some free domain redirection. In any case, nothing specific to configure in Ubooquity, this is purely on the network level.
  • Right menu: I don't understand what you mean. Could you describe the problem with a bit more details ?

Sorry, meant to say left click, why does it take you to the menu, makes stuff like android browsing on chrome useless.

Also I've noticed that the sorting is rather bad sometimes, I am guessing path = windows path sorting, but it definitely isn't this way because. I've seen 01-018 next to each other and 031-034 next to each other and sometimes the files are all over the place, meanwhile they order it's fine when I see it on windows folder/explorer.

I believe this is a bug or the sorting is, no offence, pretty bad.

Could also be just me.

With that said, Thanks a bunch either way I have been enjoying the program a lot, never knew how it was to share comics/manga with friends and or family.

Are you talking about the online comic/book reader ?

If so, the UI was inspired by what you can find on devices like the Kobo readers: clicking on the borders changes the page (or chapter if you are reading a book), clicking on the middle of the screen displays the menu.

Scrolling has no effect other than scrolling.

It's been primarily designed to be easy to use on tablets (or big phones), so I'm not sure I understand the problem with using it on Android.

Regarding sorting, take a look at these two threads:



If the problems you encountered are different, let me know (preferably with a detailed example with full file names). Might always be a new bug.

On windows

Anyways, http://www.zentastic.com/blog/2012/01/30/zencbr-comic-book-archive-maintenance-utility/ is apparently offline, so I'll google it later on the day and check if I can fix this myself.

However I would still say that the sorting needs a look at.


Here is a copy of ZenCBR:


As for the sorting, I guess I could do something by creating a dedicated computed column in the database and padding any number found in the file name.

I'll see what I can do.