Support for AZW and AZW3

Mike Weaver 4 years ago updated by Tom 3 years ago 5

I'd like to request support for AZW and AZW3 files.

I purchase all my ebooks from Amazon to read on my Kindle. When I download them, they come in an AZW3 format. To me this is great because compared to Mobi, it is more advanced by supporting more styles, fonts and layout. Unfortunately those filetypes aren't picked up by Ubooquity.

This should be super simple to add. They're so similar to MOBI files that I was able to take one of my AZW3 files, rename it to .mobi, and Ubooquity was able to display it, along with the Cover picture, Book title, and Author. On some of my files I was unable to see a description when this was done, though that might be because those files don't have a description included.

I would really appreciate the addition of these two filetypes.


If it's just a matter of scanning AZW and AZW3 files as if they were MOBI files, I'll gladly add the feature.

(I won't be able to test it though, I don't have any AZW or AZW3 file)

Awesome! I very much appreciate it.

If you'd like to download some AZW files to play with, you can download some public domain books in AZW format for free online. Here's a great example: http://manybooks.net/titles/twainmaretext93hfinn12.html

Got it, it will allow me to at least test a little bit. :)


Azw/3 support will be added in next version.