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what determines how many objects are on main top level screen?

Richard Leonard 8 years ago updated by Tom 8 years ago 1

On the Administrative screen I have "20" comics per page selected (and cover width:202-height:314).

However on the top "level" screen - there are 11 items on screen 1, (5 on top row, 5 on second row and 1 on third row) - screen 2 has 2 items... - - - as I was setting up the top level folders - as soon as I had more than 5 items -- a "Page 2" was created and it always had at least 1 item on it... ---

??? is this a bug? - -- I've tried using Default Theme, Modern, Dark, Comixology - - same with all .... I've looked at the CSS and can't see anything "glaring" that might cause it due to spacing or size of "container" or "cell" or "thumb" or any of "the usual suspects".....


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Do you have empty folders in your collection ?

When the "Hide empty folders" option is active (you can find it in the advanced settings), empty folders are filtered out after the page is filled with items.

So if your 20-items-page contains 16 non-empty folders and 4 empty folders, you'll see only 16 items.