How big is yours?

stefanw1337 4 years ago updated by Wayne S 4 years ago 9

So how big is your collection?

Mine just passed 126 000 issues.

I just found this software a month ago... I'm only at 4800 lol

I've collected for about a year I think.


Oh, my comics library.

4136 issues


No idea how someone can keep up with more.

That's a nice size!

(127 000 is like 3.5TB btw.)

4,030 books

42,147 comics

8.02 TB

24,850 Raw Files

4.09 TB

About 56.000 comics (including magazines in cbr/cbz format)
About 1600 books (which are actually mostly magazines; I wish we had an option to change that name :-) )

Close to 2 TB

@Tom why does your collection take up so much space? 8 TB seems much for your amount of comics.

Most of the "comics" aren't comics. They're image sets. And most of the books aren't epubs, they're high res PDF scans.

17500 comics (around 500GB). Mostly all cbz/cbr's. Some pdfs.

Pretty much the same as mine - 17260 and similar storage. Very impressed it still runs so quick. Far quicker than any native app I've found.