Suggestion about scanning content/auto-removing comics/path not found

Warborg 4 years ago updated by Tom 4 years ago 1

Ok, so for whatever reason earlier Ubooquity could not find the path where my comics were stored (possibly due to some changes and having to re-detect the hard drive when the server started up and did not find the drive immediately) and performed it's startup scan thereby just automatically removing 58,000 entries which I now have to re-scan in. As a possible enhancement, if it can't find the path perhaps it should abort/pause the scan instead of just automatically acting, or prompt for what to do or something. Could be problematic if you are using some sort of NAS and running Ubooquity locally and you lose the drive mapping so it just decides to clear your library, for instance.


Already planned, users storing their collection on network drives have indeed issues when the disk is not mounted when Ubooquity scan the files.

Until it's done, you can disable the autoscan in the advanced option and trigger scans manually.