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ubooquity and Sony dtp-s1

Robert Vorlicsek 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 4

Hi, I just got my Sony 13.3" e-reader and it has troubles with ubooquity web interface.

I am trying to read comics, but everything works fine until the moment i open the actual comic files. The screen resolution is 1600x1200px, so the original size is in the most of the cases too big (as you can imagine, I can see only a peace of the page). The interesting part is when I press "fit width", it only fits width and, as you probably guessed, with the "height" option only the latter is fitted. Is it possible to implement a third option, so that the image is fitted proportionately?

Under review

By "proportionately" you mean distort the image so that it fits the whole screen ?

No, with the current settings the picture is distorted. the device has its own browser, and it'seems to be a simple one.

if I try to fit the width from the original size, only the width is fitted while the height remains in its original size, and it is mostly oversized. That goes for the height as well.

On my PC, when I hit the "fit height" button, ubooquity resizes the width accordingly.

With my device, it's not the case.

Unfortunately if the problem lies with the CSS support of the DPT-S1 browser, there is nothing I can do. :/

Ok, thank you for your effort anyway.

Much appreciated.