unreadable cbr

Richard Leonard 8 years ago updated by Tom 8 years ago 2

i have found some CBR files that ubooquity wont read....

Here is what I've found about them..

They appear to be 'RAR' 4 files using 'Solid' (??) Encoding/compressing.

The jUnrar 'kit' has issues unpacking these files...

(At least in 2011 they did.... https://github.com/edmund-wagner/junrar/issues/4

The only fix I've found is to unpack/repack files...

Has anyone else run across this?


While recently scouring the forums for something else I did notice a few posts that mentioned a preference for CBZ due to some issue with the CBR format(ting). One of the fixes mentioned was was repacking the CBR or repacking as CBZ. I've linked one of the discussions below:


I am entirely dependent on JUnrar to extract files from RAR archives. And as you have noticed, JUnrar is not maintained anymore (and I couldn't find any alternative).

So there is not much I can do, apart from fixing it myself (which I won't do) or advise you to convert your files to a more sensible format, like cbz.