Odd Formatting Question

PatternRec 4 years ago updated by Tom 4 years ago 2

I use ComicRack with the ComicVine scraper to tag and sort/rename all my comics, but one collection of mine, The Wicked + The Divine, displays the issue number and title, others only display the title. I'm not sure how to change it or why it's inconsistent if the naming and tags are correct (which they are). Here's a screenshot:

edit: oddly, if I search Ubooquity for "wicked" all the issues show properly tagged/formatted.

Under review

That's a bug I plan to fix: Ubooquity uses the comic title to sort issues, but when the title is not available in the metadata, it uses the file name. Hence the inconsistent sorting.

I plan to add an option allowing to choose between title and filename sorting.