504 timeouts

Hayden Jones 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 4


When I click read on a comic I get a 504 timeout. Logs don't show anything.

`20160721 09:44:27 [pool-1-thread-1] INFO com.ubooquity.provider.page.a - Someone is reading`



The 504 HTTP error is a gateway timeout. It mean that one on the servers (proxy) your request goes through is timing out.

This can mean that Ubooquity is unreachable or veeeeery slow, or that there is a problem somewhere else on the chain of servers crossed by your request.

How long does Ubooquity try before timing out when trying to access a comic? I have my comics stored on a NAS that has wake on LAN, I thought the issue might be Ubooquity not being able to load the comic fast enough. All web interfaces work perfectly, I just get an infinite loading icon when pressing on the "Read" button.


As far as I know, Ubooquity has no timeout when it tries to access a file.

Either it fails right away, or it waits for the file to be available. On my own setup the disk takes sometimes 5 to 10 seconds to wake up and the browser just waits until the page is displayed.

Fair enough. Thanks for the info.

My issue actually turned out to be with CloudFlare.