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Elouan 8 years ago updated by Tom 8 years ago 3


I've been using ubooquity for quite some time now, and I am globally pleased with what it does. I run ubooquity on a NAS (synology brand) and I give access to my library to friends and family.

Here is the feature I'd like: not all the content is fitted for all audiences, for example some comics are not proper for children (only because of explicit violence or strong language, no other reason ;-)

I would like to define profiles for users: profiles would grant access to part of the collection, and by assigning a profile to a user we could control what they can access or not.

Profiles could be defined in several ways. I place them in order of what I think is the simplest:

- a regex pattern on the name of the files

- listing folders to include/exclude in the profile

- querying on the metadata of the comics. I would recommend allowing queries (regex?) on 'genre', 'serie', 'title' fields at the very least

The next step after that is to modify ubooquity so that when a user logs in, it would display only the part of the collection that fits the criterias defined in the profile. I don't believe this to be very hard, but I don't know how this is encoded at the moment, so I could be wrong

just use the built in user/folder function to put some comics in a "Kids" folder or something like that

that's a good idea actually: no need to create profiles, just need to modify the existing user creation module; The solution you propose doesn't fit what I want because my collection lays in a shared folder on my NAS. This means that the user folder is //SHAREDVOLUME/ and that's all. What I could do easily, is create a subfolder that contains the comics I don't want kids to see://SHAREDVOLUME/NOTFORKIDS/, but then I'd need the possiblity to exclude a folder from a kid account.

Other solution is to reorganise the entire collection so that I have two folders ://SHAREDVOLUME/OKFORKIDS/ //SHAREDVOLUME/NOTFORKIDS/

but this worries me: if I want to exclude for little kids (only tintin and blueberry) and teenagers (allowing other stuff) and adult... I would need three folders....

The best would be to be able to create list of folders and assign them to a user account... but that's like profiles again


Ubooquity works the other way around: you choose for each shared folder a list of users who can access it.

So in your case, the easiest solution would be indeed to create folders dedicated to kids, teenagers, adults, and restrict access accordingly.