Feature Request - Include option to display comic issue #

badrobot 5 years ago updated by Anville 2 years ago 4
Can the issue number be included with the comic book name? Including the issue number below the comic name, will make it easier for users to identify a specific issue since it is not always clear from the image being view

Example - Here the display shows the comic title from the metadata scrapped

Notice here the issue number which was in the file name is no longer displayed. The issue number is in the image, but it is very hard for the users to see issue # from the thumbnail


Here the user can quickly identify the issue number that they are looking for when browsing comics. They may also prove beneficial in searching large collections

Notice while performing a search the user has no idea which issue number they are looking at

Under review
I guess I could add an option to customize the displayed title.
Configuration would look like that for instance:
{issue #} - {comic title}
and display:
8 - Harper's Story 
Not exactly what you requested (the title would still be displayed as a single string of characters) but more flexible in my opnion.

Perhaps the ubooquity display could just show the issue number rather than the story title. I've noticed that if I remove the story title from the metadata via comictagger, ubooquity seems to default to the filename for it's own display. Perhaps ubooquity could be configured to bypass the "title" field so that it always defaults to the filename. Then I could just rename the files so the filename always includes the issue number

I came here with a similar request.  I'd also prefer an option to emphasis the Series Name and Issue Number over the Issue Title.  

For example in the grid view, (using the above examples), instead of "Hollow, Part 4" show "Gears of War #4"  

From my perspective, the series/issue-number is more important that the issue title, by far

Along those lines, it would be nice to de-emphasis the the title in the details pop-up.  For example:

I'd rather see the top bold line be "The Walking Dead #179" and the third line in italics be "New World Order Part Five"

Taking this one step further, it would be nice to have this proposed option have an effect on the OPDS output, since this effects apps like Chunky.  I realize that the Series Name and Issue Number don't even have standard tags for this info, but you take matters into your own hands, and extend it yourself, and add this data.  Short of that, maybe if you had this new option, the Series Name and Issue Number could replace the Issue Title, if selected.

Thanks for listening!