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Ubooquity as Freenas plugin?

Tobasama 4 years ago updated by Joshua Crespo 3 years ago 7

I currently use Ubooquity on windows (with comics stored on a Freenas. I love the application and the possibility to read comics online.

But it would be so much easier if it could run directly on Freenas. Are there any plans for a plugin or a guide on how to do it manually for people like me with very limited Linux skills?

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I don't know the first thing about Freenas, but if anybody wants to build a Freenas plugin for Ubooquity (as long as it remains free), he/she's welcome.


YESSSSs! This would be awesome! (i do same thing as Tobasama) Someone awesome do this please! I have been trying to figure out a manual install on freenas forever and i just can not figure it out. its so hard. i guess im just limited to plug ins lol. i just use plex but omg if i could just use a ubooquity plug in on freenas? WHAT?!? that would be all i ever needed ever in life - plex and ubooquity on my freenas!!


... or even if someone knows how to get this installed manually could post a tutorial of some kind would be amazing and highly appreciated!

I have found many, many, I mean many, of people giving just a little of what I needed to get this running. But a couple of days ago, I got everything down, had it working earlier but now it's working like a plug in. I take no credit and the best tutorial I can find would be here: http://forums.nas4free.org/viewtopic.php?t=11425

It's the 3rd post down.

Problem 1: It's not in English. (Google translate!)

Problem 2: No one really seems to tells you how to properly do the mounts.

It's outside the jail and you would mount inside of it. Like:

What the install tells you to do:

mount -t fdescfs fdesc /dev/fd

What you need to do from outside the jail:

mount -t fdescfs fdesc /mnt/Test/jails/Ubooquity/dev/fd

Problem 3: If your NAS restarts, you will have to go in and startup Ubooquity all over again. No one has any info on how to set it up as a service, like the rest of the plugins. This took me forever to figure out. I had to mod it off another project I was working here: https://forums.freenas.org/index.php?threads/how-to-install-plexconnect-for-atv.18315/

In Part 2: Creating Boot Script (change names where needed)

I guess I should try and take the time to make a tutorial here, but, it's possible someone can do it better.

Hey Joshua Crespo.

This is a Nas4Free Tutorial but does it work on FREENAS ?

BTW the post was awesome but it has been deleted. Any chance you'd have save it so we could paste it here ?

Thanks !

Edit: I managed to save the google cache version:

Postby xpierret » 21 Sep 2016 15:00

J'aurais aimer éviter cette solution. J'ai finalement réussi à le faire tourner sous Nas4free, mais c'est pas encore très propre.
Je vais essayer de faire une installation plus propre et je posterais ensuite ma procédure pour le faire tourner.

Un petit tuto sur mon installation (testé sur une full install uniquement)

Pour Fonctionner, ubooquity a besoin de java.

Commande pour lister les packages de java disponibles sur les serveurs.

Code: Select all

# pkg search ^openjdk
Installation du dernier package:

Code: Select all

# pkg install openjdk8
OpenJDK nécessite le montage de fichiers systèmes pour avoir les fonctionnalités complète.
Exécuter ces commandes pour effectuer les montages nécessaires immédiatement:

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# mount -t fdescfs fdesc /dev/fd # mount -t procfs proc /proc
vous aurez besoin de rehash pour être sûr que vous pouvez utiliser vos nouveaux binaires Java immédiatement:

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# rehash
Pour rendre ces montages permanent, il faut ajouter ceux-ci dans le fichier /etc/fstab .
Je modifie le fichier avec mc (midnight commander).

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fdesc /dev/fd fdescfs rw 0 0 proc /proc procfs rw 0 0
Sauvegarder et quitter mc.
Sortir également de putty et le rouvrir.

Pour vérifier la version de java installée:

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# java -version
Le package OpenJDK que vous avez sélectionné est installé et prêt à être utilisé!
On peut passer à l'installation de Ubooquity:
On rentre les commandes suivantes en adaptant les chemins selon vos besoins.
Création du répertoire de l'application, puis on se place dedans

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# mkdir /mnt/system-data/extensions/Ubooquity # cd /mnt/system-data/extensions/Ubooquity
Téléchargement de UbooquityOn dézip

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# unzip Ubooquity-1.10.1.zip
Pour l'installation, C'est fini !
On peut démarrer l'application avec la commande (adaptez le chemin et le port que vous voulez utiliser):

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nohup java -jar /mnt/system-data/extensions/Ubooquity/Ubooquity.jar -port 2202 -webadmin 2 > 1 &
Arrêt de l'application avec la commande :

Code: Select all

pkill -f Ubooquity.jar < /dev/null
J'ai créer des boutons personnalisés avec ces 2 commandes dans extended gui et cela marche parfaitement.
Pour afficher le pid de Ubooquity

Code: Select all

# pgrep -f Ubooquity.jar
Pour accéder ensuite à l'application,
http://your_IP:2202/admin => pour l'administration
le même sans admin pour l'utilisation

Manuel Ubooquity (en anglais)

Site officiel de Ubooquity pour plus d'infos.


Yes even though it is made for Nas4Free, It helped me install it for FreeNAS. You have to do the additional steps I put in there though.

My server is still running strong. I even have Comixology Theme by Scott running on it, with the self registration and everything.

There's always the Docker route. Seems to be trending