Not a bug

Database rebuilt from scratch if external drive disconnects

joevan 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

I'm running Ubooquity on a Mac Mini that scans a network drive. If there's a glitch in network and the drive goes offline, the database needs to be cataloged from scratch. With 14,000 comics in my collection, this can take some time. It looks like the database is being reset if the volume isn't present.

Not a bug

When Ubooquity scans the shared folders, it removes all files that don't exist anymore. If your network drive is offline, Ubooquity sees them as deleted and removes them.

So technically not a bug. ;)

But I get why this is annoying and other users already complained about it on this forum.

So I already have a task in my todo list to prevent Ubooquity form removing files from the database when the shared folder itself (not subfolder) is missing.

In the meantime, you could disable autoscan and perform scans manually when you are sure your network drive is available.

Thanks for the quick response, explanation and the workaround. I definitely can do a manual scan until you come out with an update. Thank you.