thumbnail quality

Telecart 7 years ago updated by Loscar 5 years ago 6

Does anyone else have rather poor quality thumbnails? If I extract the first image from the zip and rename it folder.jpg then the quality is noticeably better. Perhaps Ubooquity can run that process on its own?

It's because of the way the theme handles covers. Images you extract are higher resolution, and then are displayed at the size set in the admin page. Images Ubooquity extracts come out pre-resized and lose some quality in the process.

I got around this with my theme by setting the cover size in css at one size, but have the admin page set higher. With the default theme, this'll just make the covers render bigger.

Gotcha. I'll wait for your updated theme as it's the one I use anyway :)

Oh well then, you should be able to turn up the cover width/height in the admin and get higher quality thumbnails already.

Oh, cool, thanks!

Worked perfectly. Made the admin about 100px bigger in both directions and now it looks perfect. I have plenty of space on my Server and I already compressed the comics down so I don't mind the extra space it might add because I've already knocked off 40% of the size on each comic.



I'm facing the same quality issue with thumbnails. I've even setup the maximum size for width/height in admin, and reduced the size in the theme css files... but same problem. Actually, it's seems due to the compression factor used by ubooquity, which I presume is agressive, so the file sizes are reduces.

Is there a way to change the compression factor? Ideally, having it in the admin screen will be perfect!

Thanks for the excellent job done on ubooquity.