Log improvment: details when deletion

Elouan 7 years ago updated by Tom 7 years ago 1

Here is an extract from my log when adding and removing items in database

20160930 10:51:24 [Scanner thread]  INFO com.ubooquity.data.database.b - Inserting/updating comic entry in 
database : /volume1/comics/Général/Corto Maltese (N&B)/Corto Maltese - 10 - Mû.cbz
20160930 10:51:31 [Scanner thread]  INFO  com.ubooquity.data.database.b - Deleting comic with id 5066 from database

The inserting/updating gives a lot of details (although it would be nice to know whether it's an update or a new item

The deletion doesn't give any details: we don't know which comic was deleted. This is very annoying: can you add information about the location of the file or at least the title? like you do when inserting an element?


Deleted comics are file that don't exist anymore on the filesystem anyway.

And displaying more info would require a database request for each file, but I guess at scan time this is not very important.

I'll put it in the backlog.