Magazines module

Armando Mártires 4 years ago updated by Tom 4 years ago 2

Before all thanks for this awesome tool.
I would like to suggest adding a magazines module.
Magazines are mostly in PDF format.
As they are not actually books or comics it would be nice to have a specific module/section for them.

Under review


Comics and books module are separate mostly due to historical reasons (books were added later).

Ideally there would be no difference between the two.

Adding a third module (or merging the two into a single one) would however require a lot of work.

Given the veeeery long list of feature already on my todo list, this is not likely to happen soon, sorry.

If this is done in a future version of Ubooquity, I guess you'll have a single list of shared folders and perhaps a configurable content tag (comic, book, magazine...) for each folder, or perhaps based on file types, I don't know yet...